silly chili bam of a jam!

bottled liquid ruby.

smear it on a char grilled drumstick. pass it on as a dip for roasted veggies. glaze crumb fried nuggets. doesn’t impress the malayali in you? behold. pairing the molten lava with deep fried leftover idli quarters could just be the thing for you. whichever way, it’s guaranteed that you will use it up. with just 2 more months to fairy lights and ding dong bells, the liquid ruby will sparkle on a red and white Christmas give-away goodies list too. but you never know, unless you try it.

so here goes:

red capsicum            –       11/2 kilos (around 12 numbers)
dried red chillies      –       8-10 chopped (this is enough to provide bearable heat)
ginger                  –       1 inch
garlic                  –       8-10 cloves
sugar                   –       750g
canned tomatoes –       400g ( better than fresh ones as they are slushy and concentrated)
apple cider vinegar     –       250 ml

boil together. keep stirring. scum will collect on the surface, remove as much as possible. Once boiled, simmer for close to an hour. bottle in sterilized jars and keep refrigerated.

yield – fills two 500ml mason jars, roughly.


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