sun fell in love with the sea. salt was born.

born of the purest of parents, salt is the prime taste that our tongue distinguishes. Indian cuisine predominantly rides on this excess salt, in all our curries and gravies, to make them appealing to the taste buds. while we all know sea salt aka ‘kalluppu’ is the best among the lot, the free flowing table salt had our brains and minds washed squeaky white in its brilliance ages back. so why this whole salt gyan now? reason is, one of the most trending food topics in the world right now is salt. and the gyan is not on salt but on gourmet salts. so wake up. and smell your salt. is it smoky? is it flaky? is it rosemary ish? or is it from Bali? there is much more to your salt connoisseur, smack on.



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